Editorial policy

The editorial board of the scientific economic journal “Visnyk of the Berdyansk University of Management and Business” is guided by the requirements of:

    Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE),

    Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI)

    Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors

    Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers

Basic principles of editorial policy

    accessability of the Journal;

    observance of copyright;

    compulsory licensing of all scientific articles submitted to the editorial board;

    personal responsibility of the members of the editorial board, reviewers and authors regarding the accuracy and quality of the published material;

    efficient and objectivity submitting of the information which is published;

    obeying the periodicity of the Journal publishing.

Editorial Ethics

The editorial board is responsible for the quality of the published scientific articles, and supports initiatives aimed at reducing the amount of misconduct by researchers and violations of ethics.

It ensures compliance with publication ethics by members of the editorial board, reviewers and authors.

In its work, the editorial board is guided by such important principles as the accuracy, scientific relevance and relevance of the published works.

Editorial board assumes that the editing of the articles – isn’t only necessary term for its publication, but also an opportunity in improving their quality, which grants a high scientific level of the journal.

Editorial board salutes scientific discussions and exchange of experience on pages of the publication.