Anti-Plagiarism Policy

Editing of the scientific economic journal “Visnyk of the Berdyansk University of Management and Business” proceeds from the fact that every author submitting his manuscript to the journal, he or she agrees with the following principles of counteracting plagiarism and other unethical practices of scientific research and publications.


    literal copying, significant incorrect paraphrase of more than 10% of another person’s work without proper designation (authorship, reference to the source, use of quotation marks). The percentage of plagiarism is calculated using software and evaluated by the editorial board;

    the use of elements of another person’s work (such as a drawing, table, or technique for constructing a scheme or calculating or analyzing) without the authorship, without appreciation, reference to the source, or use of quotation marks;

    literal copying and rephrasing of one’s own work (self-plagiarism).

Only original articles can be published in Visnyk of the Berdyansk University of Management and Business, reprinting of already published materials is not allowed.

The editorial board adheres to the standards of academic ethics and takes all plagiarism seriously. Manuscripts that are questionable in terms of ethics are checked by editors through the programs:

For the sake of objectivity, the editorial board carefully examines each such case and considers the arguments of all interested sides. Before taking any further action, the editorial board seeks to obtain the most accurate information from the authors of the disputed publication or from the copyright holders. The editorial decision is impartial, objective and unaffected by third sides.

If plagiarism is suspected, the author must prove his or her authorship or correctly arrange the borrowed pieces of text, after which the editorial board may re-examine the manuscript.

In case of serious infringement of copyright, as well as other ethical rules and rules of scientific researches and publications, the manuscript will be rejected, and the editorial staff’s cooperation with the author may be terminated.

If an article has been published in violation of the ethical principles before the circumstances are clarified, it may be withdrawn from the journal with a corresponding mark on the Journal’s official website.