Placing our journal in international scientometric databases, repositories, and search engines:

The V.I. Vernadsky’s National Library of Ukraine is the largest library of the country; it is the main scientific and information center of the nation. It is among the ten largest national libraries in the world. The Library’s online information resources include: Collections of “Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine” (0.5 million articles, from 1.7 thousand journals), electronic texts (80 thousand documents, of which 60 thousand abstracts of dissertations), analytical materials (4 thousand bulletins and information-analytical reviews), catalogs and files (3.5 million bibliographic records and 5 million general alphabetical catalog cards); the reference database “Ukrainika Scientific” (400 thousand records). There are over 700,000 publications on the Internet.

Google Scholar ‒ is a free search engine that indexes the full text of scholarly publications of all formats and disciplines. The Google Scholar Index includes most of the reviewed journals of the largest scientific publishers in Europe and America. Google Scholar allows users to search the digital or physical copies of articles, online or in libraries. Search results are generated by using links from full-text journal articles, technical reports, preprints, dissertations, books, and other documents, including web pages that are considered to be “scientific”. Through its “cited in” function, Google Scholar provides annotations of the articles in which the cited article is reviewed.