Terms of the article’s publishing

To publish an article in the journal “Visnyk of the Berdyansk University of Management and Business”, please send the following package of documents (to the e-mail address visnikbumib@gmail.com):

    Article (using MS Word text editor, all fields are 20 mm long; Times New Roman font, size 14, spacing ‒ 1.5; paragraph indent ‒ 10 mm);

    Translating the article into English (or an expanded English-language abstract of 3.5-5 thousand characters);

    Copy of payment receipt 800 UAH. (8-10 pages or 16-28 thousand characters);

    Author’s certificate regarding the form (for each author must be filled separately):

    If the article has a sole author who does not have a scientific degree, a scanned recommendation (referral, review) of the scientific adviser (another doctor of economic sciences), certified by signature and seal, must be sent separately from the article file to the journal’s e-mail.

Additionally, the entire package of printed documents, including the original of the review, is sent to Ukrposhta at:

BUMAB, scientific department

Svobody str. 117-A


Zaporizhskiy region, 71118

Articles submitted by authors are considered only in the presence of a complete package of documents.

Categorically cannot be accepted:

    Descriptive articles ‒ a set of well-known characteristics of the object of study or a set of borrowed characteristics and abstracts;

    Articles where the object is matched by a variety of parameters, ratios, etc. Moreover, the principal ones are operations with plural elements without meaningful knowledge of the object;

    Articles where parametric object models are independent objects of research and the main content of the article.

Phone number for references: +38(050)9559583 (technical secretary Malyshko Yulia Volodymirivna)

The editors accept for publication original articles written specifically for the journal “Visnyk of the Berdyansk University of Management and Business”.

ATTENTION! The frequency of the magazine has changed

Since 2019, the magazine is published twice a year.

Accordingly, the final dates for accepting articles are set:

1st number ‒ until March 1st

2nd number ‒ until October 1st