Composition of the manuscript of the article

MRF number and (ORCID) Open Researcher and Contributor ID

        Surname and initials of the author (authors) (Ukrainian, English, Russian);

        Title of the article (in Ukrainian, English, Russian);

Abstract ‒ 3-6 sentences in Ukrainian and Russian and English (max 600 characters), keywords in Ukrainian, Russian and English

        Article text. The recommended size of the article is 16-28 thousand characters. Structure of the text of the article (Resolution of the Presidium of the HAC of Ukraine dated 15.01.2003  No. 7-05 / 1)

        Formulation of the problem;

        Analysis of recent researches and publications (brief but understandable results of other researchers);

        Purpose of the research;

        Outline of the main research material (clearly formulated and main thoughts are highlighted; accentuated presentation of scientific modernity, new knowledge);

        Conclusions (results at the end of the article about the achieved results, benefits from them and further developments).

Illustrations should be in good quality and fit for scanning. The figures and tables should be given a name and a simple and Arabic end-to-end numbering. A reference to the source must be provided after each figure or table (for example: Source: copyright development by [1, 6, 8]).

Design of formulas. All formulas are typed in the Microsoft Office Formula Editor (Microsoft Equation). All formulas must have simple Arabic end-to-end numbering.

The list of used sources at the end of the article (minimum of textbooks and old literature; works of not only domestic but also foreign authors) is obligatory. The list of used sources must be drawn up in accordance with applicable requirements (national standard DSTU 8302: 2015). An example of the design of a bibliographic link is provided (here)

References are duplicated in Latin (References) according to transliteration rules. It is recommended to make references to the APA International Bibliographic Standard (Download Recommendations). Harvard-British Standard may be used (

References to a particular work should be indicated in square brackets, for example: [3, P. 156; 7, PP. 111-112].

Authors should obey scientific ethics in their articles in the context colleagues’ references:

– references to statistical sources are required;

– it is advisable to not make any references to manuals, textbooks, newspapers and non-scientific journals;

– references to your own publications are only permitted when absolutely necessary;

– the works of authors whose names are referenced in the text should be included in the list of sources used in the article.

Translation of the article into English. For the purpose of forming the English-language web page of the journal in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Order No. 32 of 15.01.2018 “On approval of the procedure for the formation of the List of scientific professional publications” p.6.4 show / z0148-18) submitted by the authors articles should be translated into English or accompanied by an extended English abstract ‒ Abstract (download recommendations).